The world's recognition of Palestine is a symbolic, moral and real victory for Palestinians in their struggle to end the 45 year belligerent occupation and secure an independent state. Those who oppose such aspirations are out of step with the rest of the world, and its time they realised that.  

The vociferous responses from Israel, the United States and Canada to the Palestinian victory at the UN make you wonder why these powerful states are so scared of a small, disenfranchised, occupied people corralled into a series of bantustans under an oppressive, apartheid military rule. 

If Israel is serious about peace it would have extended the settlement construction moratorium. Instead it coldly snipped the brake cables on this haggling train wreck leaving it up to everyone else to prevent the derailment, while it sniggers all the way to the digger. 

Perhaps it is time to really consider that Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians, and once again the world is being toyed with.

As the players in the latest round of Middle East Peace Talks assemble in Washington later this week, the issues confronting them only seem to have grown in the two years they have been on hold, so are they just going through the motions? 

The seemingly never-ending Middle East peace talks are back on the front burner this week, with an ambitious timetable and possibly insurmountable hurdles.