Pro-Russia separatists claim victory in referendums calling for greater autonomy for two Ukrainian states; ASEAN refrains from criticising China over South China Sea clashes; Thai protest leader calls for interim prime minister to be replaced; Boko Haram release video claimed to be abducted girls; Indians vote in final phase of election; and more 

Top of the Agenda

Pro-Russia Separatists Declare Referendum Victory

Morsi continues to defy Egyptian military despite crumbling cabinet; tensions high at ASEAN meeting; Japan's LDP Party set to consolidate power; drones kill 17 in Waziristan; Bolivian plane suspected of carrying Snowden; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egypt Ultimatium Deadline Approaches

Egyptians throng streets demanding Morsi's resignation; John Kerry urges ASEAN nations to ease tensions in South China Sea; Japan, US and South Korea to boost trilateral cooperation in curbing North Korea's nuclear programme; Croatia joins the EU; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egyptians Throng Streets, Demanding Morsi's Ouster

Hillary Clinton on way to Middle East to try to defuse Gaza crisis; South China Sea dispute dominates ASEAN summit; China appoints new leader in Chongqing, once led by disgraced Bo Xilai; former Sarkozy ally to head French opposition party; EU partially acknowledges new Syrian coalition; and more

Top of the Agenda: Clinton to Visit Middle East as Gaza Crisis Escalates

Obama in Cambodia after historic Burma visit; tensions over South China Sea territorial dispute escalate at ASEAN summit; South Korea to clarify stance on Middle East issues after being elected to UN Security Council; more civilians die in Gaza; Colombia and Cuba hold landmark peace talks; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama in Cambodia After Historic Burma Visit