Moscow denies ceas-fire with Ukraine; Japanese cabinet shuffle brings five women to fore; China and Canada attempt to mend relations; ISIS releases another video; Obama visits Estonia; and more 

Top of the Agenda

Confusion Over Ukraine Cease-fire Agreement

New Zealanders who stay overseas for too long don't get a vote. Is that right?

When should a member of the New Zealand community lose the right to take part in deciding how that community will live together? Or, to put it more prosaically, at what point do we remove the vote from New Zealanders?

Canada's Conservative Government is in the middle of trying to change its election rules to benefit itself - while its PM Stephen Harper has become the thing he once most hated.

New Zealand's political landscape has been pretty weird of late, what with Judith Collins up to her fiercesome (sic) eyebrows in milk, the Maori Nationalist/neo-Marxist Mana Party playing footsie with a recent immigrant millionaire who lives in one of New Zealand's biggest and most expensive houses, and Hekia Parata doing just whatever it is that she does on a regular basis.

Iran's Ayatollah rejected nuclear talks with US; Russian jets breach Japanese airspace; Chinese crackdown on self-immolations in ethnic Tibetan regions; Mercosur and Canada work towards free trade agreement; and more

Top of the Agenda: Iran's Ayatollah Rejects Nuclear Talks

Ten years ago Omar Khadr was a kid in the Afghanistan theatre of war. Now, instead of a rehabilitated child soldier he's a convicted war criminal - or "terrorist" as his native Canadian government prefers to call the man it has been forced to repatriate.   

The last Western detainee has left Guantanamo.

He has been repatriated to his native homeland - Canada. 

The Canadian Government is not happy, but has finally run out of ways to delay, stall, obstruct or just plain out deny the reality that Omar Khadr has the right to be returned to Canada.