Obama clears schedule to oversee US response to ebola; China, South Korea and Japan hold cybersecurity talks; US marine charged with murdering transgender Filipino woman; Indian PM announces labour reforms; Colombian farmers sue BP for alleged land degradation; and more

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Obama Promises Vigilance on Ebola

Brian Easton's post this week raise questions about the serious and long-term issues facing not only this new government, but several to come. Can a consensus be achieved?

Brian Easton's post on a sustainable New Zealand should invite lots of thought and discussion, but it seems many of the political class are absorbed by the Labour Party's leadership battles. It does look awfully messy at the moment, but maybe all will be forgotten if the new leader can unify the party and get momentum against the government given the challenges it faces...

World leaders at UN Climate Summit commit to fight climate change; China pledges emissions limits; Japan and US begin high-level talks on Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact; India sends orbiter to Mars; US drone strike in Pakistan kills six; Nicaraguan farmers protest new canal; and more

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World Leaders Pledge to Combat Climate Change

US launches airstrikes in Syria; Uighur scholar in China sentenced to life in prison; police and students clash in Hong Kong during pro-democracy protest; Liberia and Norway sign logging deal; British photojournalist appears in second ISIS video; and more

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United States and Partners Launch Airstrikes in Sy

US House of Representatives agrees to arm Syrian opposition; China lowers borrowing costs; 15 arrested in Australian anti-terror raids; journalist killed in Afghanistan; Scotland votes; and more

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House Approves Arming Moderate Syrian Opposition