Chris Trotter

Chris Trotter has missed my point. It's not a factional coup d'etat Labour needs but a coup d'élan to jolt the party onto success

A recent column I wrote in the NZ Herald earned a

The greens are right to back down on QE. Their critics on the left are wrong to make QE a symbol of progressive orthodoxy.

I argued against the Greens policy because they proposed removing the independence of the Reserve Bank and linked monetary policy decisions to fiscal decisions about what we spend our money on, and because QE isn't right for New Zealand's economy right now.

In which I get things some off my chest about relations between bloggers and journalists and the coverage of the Labour Party conference

There's a hokey old show tune from Oklahoma called The Farmer and the Cowman. It makes fun of the warring between the different groups settling the new territory and it came to mind when I was reading and thinking about the recent sniping between journalists and bloggers.

In which Chris Trotter tries to make sense out of a poll he does not like, and a bunch of people get confused about online polls

On Friday, Chris Trotter opined in the Dominion Post about recent poll results. He was not happy about the estimate in the latest Colmar Brunton poll of 27% support for Labour, and asked this question:

Pundit's latest poll of polls shows National cruising on a flat sea of likeability, overseas issues and carefully crafted PR. Even the 'dissent' is perfectly scripted

The political polls in the past few weeks have told a consistent story. That is, the story of National's smooth consistency during their first five months in power.