Progress on US efforts to curb Iran's nuclear programme; China approves founding members for new bank; Japan to propose increased rice imports from US; Europe accuses Google of monopoly abuse; Cuba removed from terrorism sponsor list; and more

China-UK treaty breached with greater controls on Hong Kong; Japan and India strengthen ties; Kenya hosts terrorism summit; Cuba clamps down on imports; and more

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Britain Expresses Concern Over Hong Kong Political

Israel vows to destroy Hamas' tunnel network; North Korean companies blacklisted for shipping Cuban weapons to Pyongyang; Sierra Leone declares ebola emergency; militants destroy treasures in Mosul; and more 

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Israel Vows to Destroy Gaza Tunnels

Unrest intensifies in Venezuela; North Korea getting around UN sanctions by using embassies in Cuba and Singapore to facillitate illegal weapons trade; Thailand cops flak in continuing search for missing airliner; Pakistan suffers heavy losses in conflict with Taliban; Tibetans arrested to prevent anti-China demonstrations; new claims as to responsibility for Lockerbie bombing; ousted Ukrainian president insists he is still commander in chief; and more 

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New Fatal Clashes in Venezuelan Unrest

American in North Korea sentenced to 15 years of hard labour for alleged "crimes against the state"; China warns US not to meddle in territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo; Syrian opposition denounces Hezbollah threat; Cuba to stay on US list of countries that sponsor terrorism; and more

Top of the Agenda: North Korea Sentences U.S. Citizen