Member of EU Syria delegation killed in Damascus; Filipino Muslim sect denies leader killed in encounter with Malaysian security forces; People's Bank of China focuses on managing risks of inflation; five die in suicide attack in Kashmir; Turkish hostages released; and more

Top of the Agenda: Member of EU Syria Delegation Killed in Damascus

Car bomb targets Baath Party in Damascus; Bo Xilai on hunger strike; South Korea and US to stage joint military drills; Indian workers stage two-day strike; Human Rights Watch faults Mexico over 150 disappearances; and more

Top of the Agenda: Car Bomb Targets Ruling Baath Party in Damascus

Syrians hold mass burials in Damascus; Syrian opposition forces claim to have shot down military helicopter; South Korea to compensate relatives of alleged communist sympathisers massacred during Korean War; Singapore's PM calls on citizens to be more tolerant of immigrants; US weapons sales triple, worth $66 billion; Nigeria in talks with Boko Haram

Top of the Agenda: Syrians Hold Mass Burials in Damascus

The Syrian regime has been dealt its most serious blow in sixteen months of repressing and killing its own people. The bombing of its military heart by revolutionaries may accomplish what has eluded endless and fruitless diplomatic efforts.

Whoever took out the Syrian National Security Headquarters - the command and control hub of Assad’s regime - may well have delivered the catalyst for the final battle for Syria.

Two bomb blasts in Damascus kill 55 and wound over 300; Chinese have detained two relatives of Chen Guangcheng; US has approved plans for three Chinese banks to expand presence in US; Sudan launches air strikes over South Sudan, violates UN resolution; and more

Top of the Agenda: Deadly Blasts in Damascus