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France's adventure in Mali is both a result, and potential cause, of instability, and highlights once again the often-forgotten issues surrounding foreign military intervention

For now, French Prime Minister Francois Hollande may well consider France’s intervention in Mali a success. French airstrikes and ground troops halted the rebel advance toward Mali’s capital and weakened rebel control of the North.

Clinton in Russia to talk nuclear arms control and Iran (+ analysis); Kevin Rudd warns China ahead of Rio Tinto trial; Maliki back in lead after 82% of Iraqi votes counted; CIA drone kills "top 20" al Qaeda man; and more

Top of the Agenda: Clinton Visits Russia on Arms Control and Iran


More than 90 killed in Pakistan car bomb as Clinton arrives (+ analysis); Australia rejects asylum seekers; Merkel wins German election; US and China seek to build military ties; and more

Top of the Agenda: Bomb Blast in Peshawar