There's plenty of evidence that more farm production could actually help, not harm, efforts to protect the environment

New Zealand's future depends on production and protection - but the latter is not necessarily the same as preservation. These 'P-words' are getting as muddled as the 'E-words' of expertise, experience and enthusiasm.

Economics and environment are also part of that picture.

In 2012, National Ministers’ environment choices left us 100% poorer - or pooer, in the case of our impure, faecally-contaminated rivers

Three years ago, new to the job, Trade (and former Conservation) Minister Tim Groser said our brand would be built on “world class environmental standards”:

Obama to release $3 trillion deficit-reduction plan; Obama plan includes $1.5 trillion in tax increases, which Republicans expected to oppose; China closes solar panel factory that has been focus of anti-pollution demonstrations; South Korea and US working on joint response to small-scale attacks from North Korea; gunmen kill 36 in a Burundi bar; Farc rebels in Colombia attack police station; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama's Plan to Kick-Off Deficit Talks

At new year, in spring time, and on Anzac Day, my calendar clocks another year, and I resolve to start again, again. This blog is not immune to it: it’s time for a change, because we know everything we need to, about National’s green blues

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The Greens’ policy platform needs as much rebuilding as any other party’s, to make it strong and sustainable

When I was a child, before I put away childish things, about, well, a year or so ago, I used to think that eventually, if I kept my ears open, the Greens would explain themselves to me; if I kept my eyes open, I would figure them out. They had a communications problem, I thought.