At last some high level acknowledgement that a ceasfire between Israel and Hamas has to be more than a return to the status quo...but don't hold your breath. 

The mounting death toll in Gaza has spurred an intensified flurry of diplomacy (again), and finally a stated acknowledgement that this time the terms of any ceasefire (which will eventually come) need to differ from those of the past three Israeli-Hamas wars.

Fighting in eastern Ukraine resumes as MH17 investigators arrive; Indonesian election results likely to be rejected; China sends spy ship to waters off Hawaii; illegal migration from Central America to US slows but protests continue; deadliest day yet in Gaza conflict; and more 

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Fighting Resumes as Inspectors Arrive in Eastern Ukraine

More than 400 lives for 14 tunnels. It is not worth it. As the world watches in horror at the slaughter of Palestinians trapped in Gaza, it becomes even more evident that lopsided as they are, military assaults from Hamas or Israeli will never bring peace to either the occupied or the occupier.   

Yet another bloody day in Gaza.

Yet another day of occupation.

Yet another scripted justification from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu...although perhaps a slight shift ...”as I said when this action began there is no guarantee of success, but results have so far exceeded expectation”.

Israel's massive bombardment of Gaza and Hamas firing rockets into Israel will never solve the political disaster that is the continued illegal occupation of Palestine. Indeed as the Palestinian death toll mounts, resistance to occupation will only become more entrenched and that means peace for neither side.  

Repeating an action or a behaviour over and over and expecting a different outcome is supposed to be the definition of madness.

Applied to the current disaster in the Middle East - the Palestinian/Israeli part of that troubled arena - madness is fast becoming the dominant theme.

US struggles with influx of illegal Central American immigrants; Chinese hackers allegedly breaking into US government database; Bank of China accused of helping clients siphon money out of country; Israel to expand Gaza bombing campaign; suspected US drone kills militants in Pakistan; and more  

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Obama Seeks Republican Support on Migration Policies