Is this government's commitment to oil a bit like investing big in New Zealand Post? And what will our children make of the choices we're making now?

As deepsea drilling started off the Raglan coast this week, it's a good moment (finally) to look at the other side of the debate, as promised in my previous post.

The drilling and the protesting has begun... But amongst all the rhetoric, scaremongering and promises of outrageous fortune, lies a prety simple question we should all be asking

The summer of protest has begun. This week the Greenpeace-led Oil Free Seas flotilla headed out to one of two deep-sea sites to be explored by Texan oil giant Anadarko, this one off Raglan, the other off Canterbury. The protest is ramping up because the industry is doing the same, with New Zealand now getting a proper once-over by the global oil and gas industry.

Iranian diplomat killed in twin suicide bombings in Beirut; bad loans at Chinese banks have tripled in past six years; Philippines rebuild could cost $5.8 billion; Al Shabab bombs Somali police station; Russian judge releases Brazilian Greenpeace activist; and more 

Top of the Agenda: Iranian Diplomat Killed in Beirut Bombing

Obama cancels visits to Malaysia and Philippines as US government shutdown continues; South Korea and US sign new security pact; Asian Development Bank cuts growth forecast for Asia; Afghan election kicks off; Greenpeace activists charge with piracy, could face 15 years in Russian prison; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama Cancels Two Asia Stops as Shutdown Continues

Obama and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to address UN General Assembly; China bans exports of possible weapons components to North Korea; limits on foreign workers in Singapore; Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood activities; Russia accuses Greenpeace of piracy; and more

Top of the Agenda: Iran Takes Center Stage at UN