Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on way to Middle East to try to defuse Gaza crisis; South China Sea dispute dominates ASEAN summit; China appoints new leader in Chongqing, once led by disgraced Bo Xilai; former Sarkozy ally to head French opposition party; EU partially acknowledges new Syrian coalition; and more

Top of the Agenda: Clinton to Visit Middle East as Gaza Crisis Escalates

Greece avoids default by selling sort-term treasury bills; Dalai Lama asks Japanese lawmakers to investigate spate of self-immolations; Hillary Clinton in Australia for defense talks; UK wary of giving aid to Rwanda; Angela Merkel visits Portugal, reception cold; and more 

Top of the Agenda: Greece Raises Funds to Avoid Default

Hillary Clinton takes blame for US handling of Benghazi attack; China criticises EU sanctions on Iran over nuclear programme; South Korea and US meet to discuss regional security; UN-Arab League envoy urges ceasefire in Syria; Radovan Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes; and more

Top of the Agenda: Hillary Clinton Takes Responsibility for Benghazi Attack

Hillary Clinton denies US involvement in a car bombing that killed an Iranian nuclear scientist; Japan will reduce Iranian oil imports as part of US-led sanction; Myanmar government has negotiated ceasefire with Karen National Union; US Marines to investigate video of soldiers urinating on Taliban corpses; Mexico's drug war increasingly unpopular

Top of the Agenda: U.S. Denies Role in Killing of Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Hillary Clinton pledges support for Myanmar's democratisation during visit--but says steps taken so far have been "insufficient"; Chinese manufacturing down markedly; UK downgrades diplomatic ties with Iran, considers sanctions; Obama will not apologise for Pakistani deaths after NATO air raid; a second Mexico-US drug tunnel found; and more

Top of the Agenda: Clinton in Myanmar