Iraq troops battle for control of Tikrit; North Korea proposes two Koreas suspend hostilities; senior military official expelled from China's Communist Party; MERS cases in Saudi Arabia triple; militia disarms in Democratic Republic of Congo; and more 

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Iraq Battles for Tikrit as Caliphate Is Declared

Iraq to form new government; US disbands counterterrorism operation in Philippines; South Korean PM's resignation rejected; West African ebola outbreak "biggest ever"; Lebanon reacts to multiple bombings; and more 

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Iraq to Form New Government Next Week

America and Iran appear poised to co-operate in order to stymie the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria from taking over war torn Iraq and establishing a Sunni Caliphate which stretches across the border into Syria. It is a complicated mess. 

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend in 21st century war? 

Well possibly ‘frenemy’ would be more accurate, and yes, it does look as if the United States and Iran can talk Iraq alongside what is acceptable in terms of an Iranian nuclear programme.

EU sanctions 15 Russian and Ukrainian political and military figures; North Korea conducts live-fire drill near border with South Korea; Chinese president visits home of Uighur separatists; Iraqi PM seeks third term; Nigerian military negotiating release of schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram; and more  

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EU Levies New Russia Sanctions

Iraqi PM wants US weapons; North Korea accused of "gross human rights violations"; Assad regime reportedly using starvation as tactic; Obama orders NSA to curb spying on UN headqurters; and more 

Top of the Agenda: Iraqi PM Maliki Seeks U.S.