New PM for Thailand; Indonesian court to rule on presidency; senior Hamas leaders killed in Israeli airstrike; Brazil's Socialist Party chooses new candidate; and more 

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Thai Junta Leader Appointed PM

Rockets hit refugee convoy in Ukraine; Pope Francis ends Korea visit; Israel reclaims Mosul dam, Julian Assange to leave Ecuadorian embassy in London after two years; and more 

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Berlin Talks Stall as Luhansk Sees Fire

North Korea fires rockets as Pope begins five-day visit; Okinawans protest relocation of US military base; US tightens control on arms transfer to Israel; Brazil mourns presidential candidate; and more

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North Korea Fires Rockets as Pope Visits South Kor

It is now incumbent on the world outside the horror of Gaza to prevent the status quo ante from being reinstated once Israel determines that it has bombed enough tunnels....let alone actual people who have nothing to do with its military ambitions.

When Palestinina parents ask of their flayed, dismembered, burned, shrapnel riddled babies, toddlers or adolescents "are these the children of the resistance?"...and plead for "peace or you will make terrorists of all our children", you would have to be extremely callous or an idiot to dismiss them.

Israel vows to destroy Hamas' tunnel network; North Korean companies blacklisted for shipping Cuban weapons to Pyongyang; Sierra Leone declares ebola emergency; militants destroy treasures in Mosul; and more 

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Israel Vows to Destroy Gaza Tunnels