Worst climate change consequences can be averted, says international panel; avian flu  outbreak in Japan leads to chicken cull; Pakistani Taliban factions agree ot one-month cease fire; Guinea-Bissau heads to the polls; and more 

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Worst Climate Change Scenarios Can Be Averted, Panel Says

Indonesia counts votes in parliamentary election; Japan and US trade officials meet; 24 killed in Islamabad shopping mall terror attack; new French PM passes confidence vote; and more 

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Indonesia Counts Votes in Crucial Power Transition

India begins five-week elections process; Japan and Australia close to signing bi-lateral trade deal; US defense secretary tours China's first aircraft carrier; Nigeria becomes Africa's largest economy; UN expresses concern over violence in Venezuela; and more 

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India Begins Voting in Landmark Election

EU offers Ukraine $15 billion aid package over seven years; China warns Japan it will "safeguard victory of World War II"; 814 million people registered to vote in Indian election -- world record; UN estimates 3.2 million in South Sudan need humanitarian aid; and more 

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EU Offers Ukraine $15 Billion in Aid

US puts together $1 billion aid package for Ukraine; Xi Jinping expands China's anticorruption campaign; descendants of Japanese samurai and feudal class overrepresented in upper echelons of society, finds study; UN recommends sending more troops to Central African Republic; Osama bin Laden's son-in-law to go on trial in US; and more

U.S. Prepares $1 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine