Is there anyone out there with a spare few million and a heart for the public interest? If so, maybe there's still a deal to be done with the NZ Listener

The announcement today that APN's New Zealand Magazines has been sold is a decision years in the making. It's long been inevitable that APN would at some stage slice off the small appendage that is its magazine division, the question was always 'to whom' and whether it might be able to spark a new model of media ownership in New Zealand.

With a few exceptions, much of the GCSB media coverage has been superficial, and complicit in personal attacks and dismissive denials. Media had a vital role to play in answering the many questions around this Bill, and failed.

By and large, the New Zealand media have done a terrible job of reporting on the GCSB bill, despite its fundamental implications for democratic rights and freedoms in New Zealand – including, ironically, the freedom of the press.

We're not at the bottom of this story yet, but I can't help but wonder if those of us in the media need to have a good hard look at ourselves

The blur of revelations around Andrea Vance, the Henry inquiry's investigations into her movements and the government's whole attitude to information, privacy and spying can make it hard to know which are the most telling points in this saga and exactly when we should be surprised and appalled.

In which I get things some off my chest about relations between bloggers and journalists and the coverage of the Labour Party conference

There's a hokey old show tune from Oklahoma called The Farmer and the Cowman. It makes fun of the warring between the different groups settling the new territory and it came to mind when I was reading and thinking about the recent sniping between journalists and bloggers.

Yeah, he's a dinosaur and all that. Yes, it's given good fodder for comics, talkback and office wags. But Alasdair Thompson has a few points in his favour. And I've got a few questions about the media coverage

You know what? Alasdair Thompson needs to figure out when to stop talking, because his array of apologies and explanations over the past 24 hours has only offended more and more people. But the man has a point. Or two.