Morsi's trial adjourned until January; South Korea unwilling to meet with Japan unless Tokyo apologises for World War II crimes; 19 sailors killed in North Korea naval exercises; doctors aided torture at US military prisons; Mali arrests suspects in murder of French journalists; and more 


Top of the Agenda: Morsi's Trial Adjourned Until 2014

Israel and Palestine to resume peace talks; Japan and Chins to hold talks in effort to de-escalate territorial row; Cambodia's opposition leaders reject election results; China activates natural gas pipeline from Burma; John Kerry to visit Pakistan; Morsi supporters call for fresh protest rallies in Egypt; Italian court to make appeal judgement on Berlusconi's alleged tax evasion; and more

Top of the Agenda: Kerry Restarts Mideast Peace Talks

The latest massacre of pro-Morsi supporters at the hands of the Egyptian military shows the country's push towards democracy is probably going to get a whole lot uglier before it secures the prize. 

The fragility of Egypt intensifies by the hour as a civil war scenario gathers more momentum.

It has not been helped by the latest killings of pro-Morsi protesters by the army, which unsurprisingly has provoked a Muslim Brotherhood call for an intifada against that army  until deposed President Morsi is back in the Presidential Palace.

Morsi continues to defy Egyptian military despite crumbling cabinet; tensions high at ASEAN meeting; Japan's LDP Party set to consolidate power; drones kill 17 in Waziristan; Bolivian plane suspected of carrying Snowden; and more

Top of the Agenda: Egypt Ultimatium Deadline Approaches

India rejects Edward Snowden's asylum request as he waits in Moscow airport; protesters in Hong Kong demand universal suffrage; North Korean foreign minister says high-level nuclear talks should be held "without preconditions"; Morsi rejects army ultimatum; Greek bailout threatened by lack of progress; and more

Top of the Agenda: India Rejects Snowden's Asylum Request