At least 13 killed in failed hostage rescue in Yemen; China sentences eight people to death; Japanese economy slows even more than anticipated; US and NATO end combat mission in Afghanistan; six Guantanamo detainees released to Uruguay; and more 

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Thirteen Killed in Failed Hostage Rescue

Israeli activist shot and wounded in Jerusalem; Beijing eases restrictions on foreign credit cards; Burmese political and ethnic leaders to meet to discuss cease-fire; ISIS releases Kurdish children; NATO raises concerns over 'unusual' Russian flights; and more 

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Tensions Flare in Jerusalem

NATO to deploy forces at new bases in Eastern Europe in response to Ukraine crisis; ASEAN nations agree to strengthen cooperation on healthcare and environmental businesses; Gaza ceasefire negotiated; UN helicopter downed in South Sudan; and more

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NATO Plans New Bases as Poroshenko Meets Putin

Obama offers "rough sketch" of foreign policy for second term; 100th Tibetan monk self-immolates to protest Chinese rule over Tibet; Muslim insurgents killed during raid on Thai military base; Mexican president presents crime prevention plan; NATO air strike kills civilians in Afghanistan; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama Sheds Light on Foreign Policy in State of the Union

NATO foreign ministers expected to approve Turkey's request for deployment of Patriot missiles; Vietnam boosts patrols in South China Sea; official campaigning for Japanese election kicks off; Iran claims it captured US drone; Rwandans react to UK aid freeze; and more

Top of the Agenda: Bolstering Turkey's Air Defenses