Obama critics are disingenuous when they imply the Taliban would not have been fussy about which Guantanamo prisoners released in exchange for a US soldier they have held for five years. Their real issue is Obama succeeded - albeit with some questions stil to answer.

All week North American news, ‘news’ and satire has been drenched in vacillating glorification and demonization of the now released US soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

Is he hero or deserter?

It may take ages to clarify that, but one thing is for sure - he is fresh political fodder.

Obama administration announce plans to cut US coal emissions; tension between US and China at security conference; Thailand's ruling military junta releases plans to kick-start economy; Spanish king abdicates in favour of son; Taliban and US negotiate prisoner exchange; and more 

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Obama Administration to Unveil Carbon Reduction Plan

Disputed East China Sea islands covered by Washington-Tokyo defense treaty, says Obama; labour strikes at Chinese factories spread to include 30,000 protestors; Ukrainian politician believed to have been tortured and killed; Brazil hosts conference on future of internet governance; and more 

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Obama Navigates Asia-Pacific Security Challenges

Obama reasserts administration's focus on Asia-Pacific with trip to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines; China and Japan reignite World War II enmity; Nepalese officials try to convince sherpas to work season on Everest; Saudi health official sacked as deadly MERS virus spreads; and more 

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Obama Begins Asia Trip to Reassert Pivot

CIA accused of violating US Constitution; Chinese are using popular bank card to smuggle money out of country; middle class expands in North Korea; Swedish journalist killed in Kabul; Obama shows support for new government in Kiev; and more 

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Senate-CIA Row Goes Public