poll of polls

The latest polls show that Colin Craig, Winston Peters and perhaps even the Maori Party have something in common... the need for Labour to do better

To rip off Jono and Ben, it sux to be David Cunliffe right now. He's got everything he fought so hard for in the leadership of the Labour Party, but has wasted the first phase of his time in charge. But he's not the only party leader on the 'sux to be' list right now. As we get closer to election day a whole lot of electoral ironies are appearing.

Sssh. Don't tell anyone, but Labour's actually building a coherent plan for running the country. Unfortunately for them, no-one can see past its repeated mis-steps

Pick your parable: from the Jews it's "Do not be wise in words — be wise in deeds". The Chinese say "talk doesn't cook rice".

New leaders, new poll, and a new crusade for ACT. But will it end any differently? And what of the other small parties?

If I was a cartoonist today I'd be digging out the old Don Quixote images, like this one, and placing Jamie Whyte and David Seymour on their respective steeds.

The tide goes out slowly, but it does go out.

National and its dwindling supply of allies have almost exactly the same level of support as the left-leaning combination of Labour and the Greens, our latest poll of polls shows. This result mirrors the individual results of two TV polls, both published yesterday, showing a very close result.

Our poll of polls continues to show a slow drop in National's fortunes, and an increasingly positive outlook for Labour and the left more broadly.

Three recent polls have provided fairly different stories about the current political landscape. Here is what we see when we average out all the polls in the pundit Poll of Polls: National sits a little above 45%, less than a point above the combination of Labour (32%) and the Greens (12.3%).