The Department of Corrections was doing what the courts told it was the law. The courts were wrong about that, so now the Department of Corrections owes prisoners compensation. That's exactly how our law is supposed to work.

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler's book proposing a written constitution for New Zealand. It was held at Parliament, and may I say that a fine time was had by all.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has managed to convince the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships to come back to the negotiations table...but that's just the easy part.

That John Kerry sure has determination and he’s going to need plenty more where it came from.

A dizzying schedule of shuttle diplomacy has done what Hilary Clinton could not. Convince Israeli and Palestinian leaders to agree to disagree and talk about it.

However talking about possible talks will no doubt prove to be the easy part.

The force-feeding of hunger-striking prisoners in Guantanamo prison amounts to politically sanctioned torture by the US government, and breaches established international medical ethics treaties.

The prisoner hunger strike is action of last resort.

It is political in that its aim is usually to draw attention to the injustices of unlimited detention without trial, of torture, oppressive prison conditions and a general lack of access to judicial safeguards.

First pope from the Americas begins new job; Xi Jinping formally sworn in as China's president; Tokyo denies claim Japanese government offered to pay Algeria ransom for release of prisoners; Khmer Rouge leader dies; new Israeli government to be sworn in; and more

Top of the Agenda: Pope Francis Begins First Day

Palestinian prisoners have ended their mass hunger strike before anyone died. Now the world needs to ask some serious questions about the mass incarceration of Palestinians as a tool to break their resistance to occupation.

Israel has managed to avert a massive problem for itself...for a while perhaps.