South China Sea

John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu meet in attempt to salvage Israeli-Palestinian peace talks; US accuses China of "provocation" in South China Sea; pro-government majority expected in Thailand's Senate election; and more 

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U.S., Israel Meet to Salvage Mideast Peace Talks

Iran promises to reveal location of detonators; US blames China for rising tensions in South China Sea; North Korea withdraws invitation for US envoy to visit the country to discuss detained missionary; Russian police kill Islamist militants in North Caucasus; Homs siege overshadows Syria peace talks in Geneva; and more

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Iran Pledges New Cooperat

Obama and Sharif to meet in Washington; Manila backtracks on South China Sea accusations; NASA lifts ban on Chinese scientists attending conference; China and India sign border agreement; Spain ends two-year recession; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama, Sharif to Meet in Washington

Obama chooses successor to Ben Bernanke; John Kerry pushes for cooling over territorial disputes in South China Sea; ten tonnes of radioactive water may have leaked from Fukushima nuclear plant; US expected to reduce aid to Egypt; voting irregularities found in Guinea; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama to Nominate Yellen as Fed Chair

White House lobbies to keep National Security Agency programme amid Snowden fallout; China bans construction of new government buildings; Beijing closes visa office in Manila after South China Sea protests; South Sudan president sacks entire cabinet; UN in Syria to investigate chemical weapons claims; and more

Top of the Agenda: White House Lobbies to Keep NSA Program