John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu meet in attempt to salvage Israeli-Palestinian peace talks; US accuses China of "provocation" in South China Sea; pro-government majority expected in Thailand's Senate election; and more 

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U.S., Israel Meet to Salvage Mideast Peace Talks

Putin moves ahead with plan to annex Crimea; Thailand to lift Bangkok's State of Emergency; owners of Fukushima nuclear plant turning to unskilled workers to decommision site which may have contributed to recent leak; and more 

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Putin Moves Forward With Crimean Annexation

Unrest intensifies in Venezuela; North Korea getting around UN sanctions by using embassies in Cuba and Singapore to facillitate illegal weapons trade; Thailand cops flak in continuing search for missing airliner; Pakistan suffers heavy losses in conflict with Taliban; Tibetans arrested to prevent anti-China demonstrations; new claims as to responsibility for Lockerbie bombing; ousted Ukrainian president insists he is still commander in chief; and more 

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New Fatal Clashes in Venezuelan Unrest

Ukraine's PM offers resignation; Thailand to hold general election; Japan raises tension over disputed islands -- in classroom; Sisi set to contest Egyptian leadership; India's central bank attempts to curb inflation; and more 

Ukraine’s PM Offers Resignation

Diplomats head to Kiev to help ease tensions; North Korea's leader carrying out "reign of terror", says South Korea; Thailand's PM refuses to resign; delay expected in removal of chemical weapons from Syria; Greenpeace activists and Pussy Riot members would be among those freed in Putin amnesty; and more 

Top of the Agenda: Western Diplomats Head to Kiev