Tunisians gather to protest transitional government; anti-government protestors in Thailand rally against amnesty bill; North Korea proposes another round of talks with South Korea; Yemen foils al-Qaeda plot; Mexico launches energy reform; and more

Top of the Agenda: Mass Protest March in Tunisia

EU envoy visits Mohammed Morsi; Chinese media downplay prospect of China-Japan summit; Cambodia's government denies election fraud; Tunisia's government refuses to step down; Pope changes the tone on discussions about gays in the Catholic church; and more 

Top of the Agenda: EU Envoy Visits Mohammed Morsi

Leaked memo makes case for drone strikes on US citizens; Japanese PM condemns China for locking radar on Japanese ship; South Korea pushes to deploy spy satellites to watch North Korea; Tunisian opposition leader shot dead; plagiarism scandal threatens Angela Merkel's re-election campaign; and more

Top of the Agenda: Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans

Leaders promise term limits as tens of thousands return to Egypt's streets (+ analysis and background); North and South Korea hold talks about talks; Suu Kyi asks West to rethink Burma sanctions; Hague in Tunis says changes must be "irreversible"; and more

Top of the Agenda: Protestors and Mubarak Locked in Test of Wills

A new generation of practical revolutionaries in the Middle East is daring repressive regimes to bow to popular reform rather than resort to brutal crackdowns. They are armed with little more than the power of social media and a belief that the basics in life trump Islamist ideology. 

No wonder dictators and fundamentalists fear social media as it seems to have played midwife to an extraordinary revolution unfolding before our eyes in the Middle East.