US may use Turkish airbases in ISIS fight; Hong Kong leader says protesters have 'almost zero chance' of success; South Korea considers lifting economic sanctions on North Korea; Liberian health workers on strike; Eastern Indian coastal cities begin relief efforts in wake of cyclone; and more

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Turkey May Allow United S

Libyan army deploys militias to Tripoli; Vietnam deploys security personnel to quell protests; South Korean Coast Guard to be replaced by new safety agency in wake of ferry disaster; little progress in latest round of Iran nuclear talks; five Soma mine officials arrested; and more

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Libyan Army Orders Militias to Tripoli

UN pressures Russia to join discussion on Syrian aid; China and Taiwan hold historic talks; North and South Korea set for high-level talks; Turkey and Israel look set to renew diplomatic ties; massive protests shut down Sarajevo; and more

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UN Pressures Russia on Syria Aid Resolution

Syria to top G8 conference agenda; North Korea proposes nuclear talks with Washington; Chinese newspaper says deporting Edward Snowden to the US would be a "face-losing outcome"; Czech premier resigns amid scandal; five Turkish unions to join in anti-government protests; and more

Top of the Agenda: Syria to Top G8 Conference Agenda

Turkish riot police fire tear gas and water cannons at protesters; Taiwan to meet with China; Vietnamese PM wins support of less than half of parliament in confidence vote; Mandela still in hospital; Pakistan claims India entered its airspace; and more

Top of the Agenda: Turkish Riot Police Enter Gezi Park