FIFA indictments continue to shock; US rebukes China's maritime ambitions; Thai protest leaders receive prison sentences; Pentagon accidentally ships live anthrax; Afghan Security Force members join Taliban; and more

Islamic State takes control of Ramadi; diplomats from India, Malaysia and Thailand to address migrant crisis; US threatens new sanctions on North Korea; Nigeria claims troops have killed many Boko Haram militants; Obama bans military assault gear for local police; and more

Obama loses bid for "fast track" authority in trade negotiation; North Korean defense minister reportedly executed; US seeks ways to contest China's territorial claims in South China Sea; Nepal aftershock death toll rises; Eurozone economy grows; and more

Nepalis protest slow delivery of aid; North Korea's nuclear reactor may be operational again; Japanese PM appeals to US to back TPP, citing 'deep regret' over World War II; French soldiers accused of sexually abusing refugee children from Central African Republic; another US presidential candidate announces run for White House; and more

US and Japan announce new defense cooperation guidelines; Korean ferry captain sentenced to life in prison; EU urges Ukraine to reform, warns membership long way off; Baltimore riots lead to state of emergency; and more