Fighting in eastern Ukraine resumes as MH17 investigators arrive; Indonesian election results likely to be rejected; China sends spy ship to waters off Hawaii; illegal migration from Central America to US slows but protests continue; deadliest day yet in Gaza conflict; and more 

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Fighting Resumes as Inspectors Arrive in Eastern Ukraine

US struggles with influx of illegal Central American immigrants; Chinese hackers allegedly breaking into US government database; Bank of China accused of helping clients siphon money out of country; Israel to expand Gaza bombing campaign; suspected US drone kills militants in Pakistan; and more  

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Obama Seeks Republican Support on Migration Policies

Israel ramps up campaign against Hamas; both presidential candidates claim victory in Indonesia; US presses China on currency reform; Germans investigate suspected US spy; water shortage in Venezuela hits poor hardest; and more 

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Israel Escalates Strikes as Gaza Rockets Increase Range

Iraq to form new government; US disbands counterterrorism operation in Philippines; South Korean PM's resignation rejected; West African ebola outbreak "biggest ever"; Lebanon reacts to multiple bombings; and more 

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Iraq to Form New Government Next Week

America and Iran appear poised to co-operate in order to stymie the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria from taking over war torn Iraq and establishing a Sunni Caliphate which stretches across the border into Syria. It is a complicated mess. 

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend in 21st century war? 

Well possibly ‘frenemy’ would be more accurate, and yes, it does look as if the United States and Iran can talk Iraq alongside what is acceptable in terms of an Iranian nuclear programme.