Air New Zealand

The regions are being chipped away at... so here's an idea for a serious shot in the arm

It seems our state-owned enterprises are letting us down somewhat these days. Last week it was Solid Energy dashing the hopes of the Pike River families, today it's Air New Zealand cutting flights to more regions. If we want more zombie towns, this is a pretty good way of going about it. Just cut 'em off.

Air New Zealand is shutting down these routes:

An ode inspired by National's mixed ownership programme, to the tune of 'Five Little Monkeys"... And a few thoughts about the sales and the Supreme Court

Five state assets going on the block

Airline prices fell and so did one's stock

Don't sell Air New Zealand, the people said

Bill replied "Hmph, I'll sell the other four instead"


Four state assets going on the block

One went for lignite and only hit rock (bottom, that is)

"Now we can't sell that one," Bill and John said

New Zealand has been slipping off the international tourism radar since the Rugby World Cup. Can New Zealand movie-makers put us back on screen with global travelers? The Peter Jackson Formula is about to be put to the test.

This week, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, Arts and Culture Minister Chris Finlayson and Broadcasting Minister Craig Foss should be chewing over an officials’ review of New Zealand Film Commission funding schemes, a review inspired by recommendations from the country’s star movie-maker Sir Peter Jackson.

John Key’s hottest line from the last election campaign could come back to haunt him as he ploughs ahead with the expansion of the “Mixed Ownership Model” by selling shares in a batch of state-owned assets.

The new National-led Government delivered a fine present as it shut down for Christmas – a big dump of official documents on its plans to extend what it calls the “Mixed Ownership Model”.  The Sale of the Century is scheduled to start in the third quarter this year and continue all the way through to next election in 2014.

In which our hero riffs about Air New Zealand, Singaporeans, frozen corn, foodieism, and the Burger King barbeque bacon burger, all in one masterful jam session. Inspired by, well, this

A little something
I never go hungry
But I'm not wildly enthusiastic about cooking
I tend to eat very, very simple food
I cook myself steak
Plus either potato
Or frozen peas
Or frozen corn
Or tomato
Or something

My Catholicism
If I'm in a hurry, it's Burger King
Or McDonald's
Occasionally KFC