Starting with wearing the niqab in court, moving to messing up prisoner disenfranchisement, passing through justifying yet more limits on election day activity, and finishing with a new theme song for Apple.

Jane already has posted on Quebec's proposed law to regulate religious symbols worn by public servants, so I'll simply add this link to a CBC article in which a Canadian attempts to explain th

Iraq could plunge into sectarian war; Chinese president Xi Jinping meets with Obama; seven Muslims sentenced to jail for killing Buddhist monk in Burma; Pakistan's new PM wants to have talks with Taliban; Ireland denies helping Apple save billions in taxes; and more

Top of the Agenda: Iraq Sectarian Violence Escalates

We're too dependent on our phones, right? Obsessed. But when you're cut off, all you can do is spend all that down-time coming up with conspiracy theories. As BlackBerry has found out after its (almost) worldwide outage

A slight clammy feeling. General anxiety. A sense that something is missing or out of place. Heightened frustration or even distress.

Libyan rebels finally enter Sirte with the help of air-strikes (+ analysis); Aid agencies warns of growing humanitarian crisis; Apple founder Steve Jobs dies – tributes flow; Merkel wants more capital to protect German banks; Former Japanese party leader on trial for false accounting; UNESCO clears way for Palestine to join; and more

Libya's NTC Troops Close to Taking Sirte

France plans austerity measures to stave off ratings downgrade; Global markets volatile on back of Euro concerns; Backgrounder on Eurozone; Bali bomber extradited from Pakistan; Syrian forces storm border town; Cameron defends police cuts, says riots "not about poverty"; Apple becomes world's largest company; and more

Top of the Agenda: Eurozone Focus Shifts to France