Auckland City

Auckland is again debating the future of its waterfront and port, but the truth is it doesn't all have to be decided now

The past few weeks have seen a renewed burst of angst about the Ports of Auckland's expansion plans. More wharf here, demolitions there; where to put the cruise ships, cars and people? All the arguments about Auckland's waterfront have been reignited.

A revolt is in the air in Auckland, as ratepayers ask whether councillors are looking hard enough at the city budget and whether Len Brown needs his wings clipped

Len Brown is now one year into his second term and will be leading Auckland through until September 2016. But it's a very different political environment to election night 2013, when Len was clearly the popular choice as cheerleader of the city.

Pundit's latest poll of polls shows National cruising on a flat sea of likeability, overseas issues and carefully crafted PR. Even the 'dissent' is perfectly scripted

The political polls in the past few weeks have told a consistent story. That is, the story of National's smooth consistency during their first five months in power.

John Key's cabinet taking shape; John Banks slashing Auckland budget; bankruptcies up by a third; Phil Goff a workaholic; answers for David Bain; and more

John Key could name his cabinet as early as Sunday and be sworn in as Prime Minister on Wednesday. As many as five ministerial portfolios could be handed out to Act, United Future and the Maori Party, reports Dominion Post political editor Tracy Watkins.