Barack Obama

Many thousands of Americans looked past Donald Trump's nastiness, abuse and incompetence in search of a time that has gone, tragically rejecting a woman with the potential to have made real change

The world feels a very different place to me this morning. It is a place that leaves me disillusioned and more than a little scared. The America that voted for Donald Trump to be its president has either embraced or looked past so many values that I thought that country held dear.

Over the next year, John Key faces a choice between his – and New Zealand's – international reputation on one hand and National's support base on the other as he wrestles with reducing our carbon footprint

If you use the language of the Prime Minister's favourite past-time to describe his political style, you'd say he's got a great short game. Short-term, or at least term-to-term, he's proven himself a master reading the public's appetites and knowing his political limits.

In which I reply to Andrew's post in reply to Phil's post about Grant Robertson... I wrote this at the start of the week but have discovered a glitch that mean it never published!

I think I'll start at the end. Andrew ended his recent post like this:

Human Rights Watch says CIA waterboarded Libyan prisoner; Bo scandal continues in China; Clinton visits East Timor; Colombia names team to negotiate with Farc; Democrats officially nominate Barack Obama for president; and more

Top of the Agenda: CIA Waterboarded Libyan Prisoner, HRW Says

A trip to the US has given me five reasons to pick who will win the US presidential election in November

Just back from the US and my political gut is ready to make a prediction for this year's presidential election. That may be foolish, as there will be plenty of opportunities for the candidates to flail and fail, what with the conventions in the next few weeks and the TV debates to follow.

Once again the signs are that it will be a tight race; but one candidate has the edge.