Obama and Cameron support international conference on Syria; Chinese tour company offers North Korea day trips for Westerners; Australian budget projects deficit of AUD$19.4 billion; European retailers agree to support improved safety measures in Bangladesh garment factories; South African platinum miners go on strike after union leader killed; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama, Cameron Cautious on Syria

Nawaz Sharif looks set to lead Pakistan; US and South Korea conduct joint naval exercise, provoke North Korea; Chinese authorities investigate corruption charges against top economic planning official; Taliban to release Turkish hostages; Cameron and Obama to meet; and more

Top of the Agenda: Sharif on Course for Pakistan Victory

The British government, caught off guard and on holdiay, has announced it will meet violent mobs head on with plastic bullets, water cannons and other policing methods required to bring the next Olympic city under control...but for how long? 

Britain has some very deep soul-searching ahead of it as the last few violent nights have shown there is a deeply angry parallel society that has probably developed over the last two generations, but now has tasted power.

David Cameron has thrown an unnecessary and quite frankly perplexing incendiary into Britain's multicultural conundrum. It is difficult to fathom why he's done it... unless of course he can't wait til the royal wedding for a much needed distraction

Critics of multiculturalism inevitably charge that it is merely a front for political correctness, and now David Cameron has added his name to that list of critics.