career change

Most university classes start today... but is university the smart way to go? And which training leads to the best incomes? Two pieces of research can help you make a wise choice... or even change paths

It isn't too late for university students to change their courses for this year; new students are still likely to be able to change their degrees. At most universities, changes are allowed for the first two, even three, weeks of the semester. While it's a nightmare for university staff, it's a chance for students to rethink and adjust given new information from the government.

I'll have what he's having

You know a guy like Timothy Ferriss. He is the work colleague who seems to glide by without doing that much yet always meets his targets and keeps the boss happy. He is the super-fit neighbour who spends his weekends skydiving and orienteering and diving with sharks and learning to play the bassoon.