Chinese economy

World Sharemarkets Are Sneezing. What Does That Tell Us About the World Economy?

Before discussing the state of the world economy – especially what is going on in China – it is useful to say something about the importance of the sharemarket (Americans call it ‘stock market’). It is far more important in pop-economics than serious economics.

Tensions rise in Ukraine; Chinese economy slows; rescue efforts continue for passengers of South Korean ferry; Syrian opposition obtain US weapons; Boko Haram seizes 200 girls from Nigerian school; and more 

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Tensions Rise in Ukraine’s East Ahead of Talks

UN urges restart of Syria peace talks; Chinese economy cools; US investigators believe missing airliner flew four hours after last contact; Libyan PM flees; more killed in Venezuela protests; and more 


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UN Urges Resumption of Syria Peace Talks

Chinese economic slowdown causes domestic problems; tensions rise in East China Sea; GlaxoSmithKline accused of bribery scheme to boost sales; Spanish PM's leadership threatened by slush fund scandal; 60,000 Congolese flee to Uganda; and more

Top of the Agenda: Economic Slowdown Causes Domestic Challenges for China

Obama to restrict use of unmanned drone strikes following civilian deaths; Asian markets tumble after Chinese economic data released; political tensions rise in Malaysia; car bomb kills 12 in Pakistan; Iran advances nuclear programme; and more

Top of the Agenda: Obama to Restrict Drone Targets