Christchurch earthquake

In which your esteemed author tells you who the Labour leader must be, explains why the Government had to appeal the "Quake Outcasts" case, warns you that your right to wear silly lapel pins on election day is under threat, and calls on David Farrar to save Great Britain.

Having been unusually silent for no better reason than I couldn't really be bothered writing anything, a few issues have emerged that invite (nay, require) my views. So here's an unreasonably long post to deal with them all.

The government makes plenty of excuses for New Zealand’s poor recent GDP growth. Unfortunately for its excuses, data exist.

National’s economic team has made an artform of making excuses. They are earnest and self-confident and mocking of those who dare disagree. But the economic ground they stand on is made of quicksand. Eventually, their excuses will swallow them as New Zealanders come to realize they are being conned.

Healthy, energy-efficient buildings are a key component in creating a healthy community and sustainable city. They are very easy to achieve through the use of the readily available, well proven and inexpensive Passive House standard

Christchurch City's draft Central City Plan is a laudable document, containing exciting goals of, amongst others, urban sustainability, a sustainable city and sustainable buildings. The document essentially outlines a city which is a healthy community in which to live.

Residents of Christchurch's Red Zone now have two offers they can choose from. But they really do have to choose one or the other.

The Government's response to the Christchurch Earthquake is out, introducing Christchurch to the new reality of Red/Orange/Green/White Zones.

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