We need to distinguish the sovereign state from the people it governs, and the other political institutions between. 

Things are moving so fast in the financial negotiations between Greece and the Troika (European Central Bank, European Union, and the International Monetary Fund) that there is little point in my trying to comment on them. But there is a structural issue which most commentaries overlook.

As the US hurtles towards debt default, there's a growing sense that Tea Party acolytes may well be prepared to deliberately tank the economy if it ensures a one-term Obama and future power for them. It is ugly ideology.

The so-called world’s only superpower is currently being held hostage to an extremist ideology. Al-Qaeda’s? No. The Taliban’s? No. Iranian nuclear wannabes perhaps? Nup.

The American auto industry car tsars took their corporate jets to Washington to plead poverty, but the Big Three's warnings of catastrophic job losses haven't convinced senators to ride to their rescue

North America is the land of SUVs. Sitting among the beasts in the 'parking lot' that these highways so often become, the plight of the so-called Big Three auto makers seems surreal. It seems there are plenty of their vehicles around me, belching fumes from gas guzzling monster engines.