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As select committee hearings on the TPPA draw closer... the arguments against ratification, all together in one place

It's a dangerous strategy for a government to denigrate those who don't agree with them as misguided or ignorant, especially if they are in the majority. A TV3/Reid Research poll last November revealed that a clear majority of the public oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

The Fonterra boss backs continued dairy growth but can see a day when we might cap cow numbers... and could China steal the milk right from under our noses?

How much is enough? Or even too much? It's a fundamental question for any business or economy when you're dealing with supply and demand. And it's a crucial question when it comes to New Zealand's dependence on the dairy industry. So when do we reach 'peak cow'?

Farmers hope for lower interest rates after milk payout slashed; Fonterra refuses to release phone minutes; Maori want piece of infrastructure pie; fossils suggest New Zealand may not have been submerged 22m years ago; and more

Dairy farmers dominate the dailies this morning, with Fonterra's decision to cut its milk payout forecast by 90 cents to $5.10. The Press leads with farmers' hopes the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates today to balance their fall in income.