Danyl McLauchlin

Colin Craig has just one thing he wants from National in any post-election deal. Unfortunately, it's something that National isn't able to give him.

A while back, I confidently predicted the following in the wake of the announcement that Laila Harre would lead the Internet Party:

It would be a brave person to say that they think they know what the 2014 election will deliver. Apparently, Claire Robinson is very, very brave.

Claire Robinson has a piece in the NZ Herald about the 2014 election that I have some problems with.

By all means let's debate the pros and cons of MMP. But it ain't going anywhere in November.

Those wanting to keep MMP in place at the upcoming referendum have been active for a while now - I've had a few leaflets thrust into my hand at the Saturday farmer's market (where Dunedin's elite meet to greet, eat and buy organic meat!) and appear under my door at work.