Eastern Europe

The EU approach in trade deals is likely to protect the right of states to make public policy

How can foreign investors in New Zealand be sure that we will treat them fairly? If they are not sure perhaps they will not invest here, even though their investment may be valuable to us. (I do not believe all foreign investment is worthwhile, but much is.)

Just how buggered is Europe?; Asian giants rally round $120 billion fund; North Koreans threaten war. Again; Nepalese PM quits; Panama turns right after election

Top of the Agenda: European Economy

Let's all ride our bikes merrily down the length of New Zealand, laughing in the face of the economic disaster that's made the rest of the world resort to actually doing stuff

Nine years ago, I occupied Waikato University with the man who must be New Zealand’s most genuine socialist revolutionary, Joe Carolan. Most of us have (ahem) moved on to other things; Joe keeps the cause alive.