In which expert advisory work from the PCE illustrates why the ETS in its present form risks a massive lignite subsidy, and Tim Groser — quite rightly — observes that this would be “ridiculous” and “incoherent”

December brought more proof the emissions trading scheme is broken, in the opinion of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment; also, some interesting remarks from Climate Change Negotiations Minister Tim Groser who, presumably unintentionally, expressed the same view.

Lord Stern's visit to New Zealand last week didn't upset any apple-carts, but it again raised the question of whether or not New Zealand's ETS is a world leader

Let's cut through the shilly-shallying and be clear about this. New Zealand's emissions trading scheme is a world leader...

Rudd's remarkable run in power was driven by state politics, factions and Wayne Swan; and it was those same forces that brought him down

When Kevin Rudd led the Australian Labor Party to victory in the federal election of 2007, it marked a high watermark for ALP hegemony on the continent, with all six states, both territories and the Federal Government in Labor hands for the first time Australian histor

“Gone by lunchtime”… If only the same could be said of the debate that wouldn’t die: carbon tax vs emissions trading

The post has been updated, to address the Atomic Energy Act. Hat tip: Graeme Edgeler, the Legal Beagle.

The cowardice of the business lobbies are on display for all to see as they try the same old ETS stalling strategy. It's just dumb management

It was as predictable as it was short-sighted. No sooner had the Australians parked their emissions trading scheme until after this year's election, the New Zealand business lobby had its megaphone out whinging about our scheme, which is due to kick in on July 1.