In which our hero riffs about Air New Zealand, Singaporeans, frozen corn, foodieism, and the Burger King barbeque bacon burger, all in one masterful jam session. Inspired by, well, this

A little something
I never go hungry
But I'm not wildly enthusiastic about cooking
I tend to eat very, very simple food
I cook myself steak
Plus either potato
Or frozen peas
Or frozen corn
Or tomato
Or something

My Catholicism
If I'm in a hurry, it's Burger King
Or McDonald's
Occasionally KFC

Distracting myself from August’s cruelty, and finding some sun

All I wanted was an apple, when I woke the other night. I craved its crunch and could taste its juice; had Eve held it in front of me — cruel trick — I would have snatched and devoured it. But not a supermarket apple.

Claire Browning joins the team

You have read Claire Browning's work before—she has been contributing pieces to Your Punt for the past five months. Today we are delighted to welcome her to our stable of Pundits.

Claire, a policy analyst and freelance writer, writes on gardening, food, sustainability, politics and criminal law.

At last, some happy news: the end of the cheap food era

According to Gwynne Dyer , the era of cheap food is ending.

Making quality television can be a tough job when there are dog shows to attend, old soldiers to cajole, and Jim Hickey to contend with

Living as I do in rural rustication in the Horowhenua, this time of year is a particular delight. Everywhere the eye glances crops are ripening. Seasonal foods abound and, best of all, my own garden produces a small harvest of edible produce. But this is no time to dally along the verges of the vege beds.

It's showtime... Dog shows, that is.