free trade agreement

EU membership at risk for Greece; Hong Kong debates electoral reform; Australia and China sign free trade agreement; Palestinian government to dissolve; Swiss investigators look into FIFA accounts; and more


Syria peace talks kick off in Geneva; Indian PM Modi to make first visit to China; South Korea and Vietnam sign free trade agreement; EU revises economic forecast upwards; and more

When it comes to signing trade deals there are two principles which should never be up for negotiation; the net benefit to your country has to outweigh any concessions, otherwise what’s the point? And you never trade away fundamentals, like the right to legislate to protect your environment, the health of your citizens, or your education system.

The National government hasn’t been able to reassure us that they really will protect these principles in their secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

US approves free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama; trade agreements are expected to generate $13 billion in new exports for US; Julia Gillard drops asylum swap plan--will process asylum seekers onshore; South Korea will create task force to deal with crimes by US soldiers stationed there; Nigerian pleads guilty to US terror plot; Berlusconi calls for confidence vote in Italy; and more

Top of the Agenda: U.S. Passes Stalled Free Trade Deals

New Zealand is once again in a tizz about a free trade deal with America. The reality state-side, however, is a long way from the rhetoric as a glance at the US media will tell you

There's been quite a flurry of excitement at the start of this week with reports that US has re-opened the door to a Pacific free trade deal and New Zealand stands to, in the Prime Minister's words, make "billions and billions" out of it.