George Osborne

Central banks are trying to get money moving again, but it could all be too little, too late for Europe as the final countdown begins (not as cool as Andrew's musical references, but see what I did there children of the '80s?)

In the Matrix films you get a sense of deja vu when the machines controlling your experience of the world change something. In real life, you get the uncanny sense that you've said and done exactly the same things before as the powers-that-be refuse to change.

Don't panic, Mr Mannering! The message being delivered by everyone from Europe's finance ministers to the Bank of England seems to be one of wartime stoicism. But is that enough?

Here in Britain, the wartime poster with stark white lettering on a red background which says 'Keep Calm and Carry On' has become ubiquitous. It's found its way onto mugs, t-shirts and screensavers.

The British election race will be tighter than expected. And New Zealand may yet have a footnote in the outcome

Not long ago, they looked like they would walk it.