global financial crisis

Pakistan closes supply route to Afghanistan in protest at drone strikes (+ Woodward analysis); US passes law to pressure Chinese yuan; Korean military talks break down; Ireland announces billions for bank bailout; and more

Top of the Agenda: Pakistan Closes NATO Supply Line

New Zealand has turned from a nation of squirrels to one of nutty spenders, yet there's still little debate about just how the global recession will change our behaviour

At 86% of GDP, New Zealand’s national debt is the highest among all developed nations – except Iceland. And Iceland’s banking system has collapsed.

It may be because Scottish blood swirls within my veins but I am not at all comfortable knowing that New Zealanders are so close to not being able to pay their way.

Obama's win may affect FTA talks; final leaders debate overshadowed by Obama; Blue Chip investors told to pay up or lose their homes; plum government roles on offer; NZ wine industry ever stronger; car prices to rise

The election of Barack Obama to the US presidency could be a slight negative for New Zealand hopes for a free trade agreement, according to Dominion Post political writer Vernon Small. But yesterday's historic electoral sweep will mean the US and New Zealand will be more closely aligned on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Global financial crisis hits NZ; don't worry, says Brash; Hanover owners put up $96 million; Winston Peters has a go at SFO; Indian drugs may be banned; and more