The crazy Auckland property market needs reining in. Capital gains tax as a way of controlling house prices doesn't work overseas, but what about a land tax?

Virtually every day there is a new

On the eve of the election, let's not forget the influence of 'dollar-voters' on the outcome

A modern society uses two main ways for regulating its public life; politics and the market. In principle the political ideal is 'one person, one vote', whereas markets are driven by 'one dollar, one vote'.

EQC is broken and needs to be rebuilt. Or does it? If the complexity of the situation, some complaints and conflict are to be expected, right?

Let’s look at the facts. The first Canterbury earthquake occurred over 3 years ago. In February it will be three years since the second, but the rebuild has barely begun.

After more than 100 days of striking, Quebec students have backed the provincial government into a corner.  An election that will surely bring it down seems the only solution to quell unprecedented, and sometimes violent, protests taking over Montreal night after night. 

Short of call in the Avengers, Quebec’s Liberal government appears to be stuffed - in the political sense of course.

It has fallen prey to students. Tens and tens of thousands of angry, determined protesting students.

Unemployment and benefit figures keep rising, but Government continues with misguided and dangerous reforms; Jobs Summit passion a faded memory

There has been a sharp and sudden rise in unemployment over the last 3 months, apparently taking economists and forecasters by surprise.