A technical glitch at Kiwiblog stopped this post on Paula Bennett et al's crusade against Wicked Campers from appearing. Fortunately I've managed to retrieve it and post it for you to read.

[Updated: For the real deal, see here.]

Yesterday's Herald on Sunday carried a big splash story from David Fisher about three National Party cabinet Ministers - Paula Bennett, Maggie Barry and Louise Upton - ganging up to try and force Wicked Campers to stop putting puerile, misogynistic slogans on their camper vans.

The transcript of Wednesday's question time in the House is not yet available via Hansard. Fortunately, I am able to roughly recreate it below (with some possible inaccuracies, although minor in nature).

Russel Norman: To the Minister of Energy and Resources. Is he any good at his job?

Nerds are funny. Not just in a Revenge of the Nerds type of way, of course.

Okay - following on from my previous list of jokes, here's another 25 highly cerebal examples of humour that I've once again shamelessly stolen from the

Time for a little light relief, methinks. Memorise these jokes, and you'll be the toast of the next dinner party you attend.

OK - we've all been a wee bit too serious, what with all the very intense talk about politics and the like. So, courtesy of the UK Independent, time for some yuks.

The incomparable, incredible heaviness of grief and how it's just not fair

Those who make us laugh have a gift. I don't mean just the talent for conquering their nerves and walking out on stage at some comedy festival to crack jokes and draw a polite - or genuine - ha ha from the audience.