Hillary Clinton has called Iran's Mullahs for what they are – hypocrites, as their faux support of the Egyptian revolutionaries has been unmasked for the forked tongued, self-serving garbage that is is

Now here is a big surprise… the Iranian Mullocracy has been dabbling in hypocrisy. It rhymes, but not for good reason.

How the 20th century New York pop art brigade and its middle class sexist followers are too hypocritical to stand up and identify child abuse when they see it

I guess one should never be surprised by the hypocrisy, sexism, and downright inhumanity of those who dwell in the higher echelons of the publishing, literary and art worlds. It's the same all over the world.

For a non-smoker it is a tough call to lean in the direction of tobacco companies, but the latest fad in Canada—sue the tobacco companies to pay for the health costs of their products—seems, well, a tad hypocritical and smells of more than just smoke.

Fidel Castro has survived many US Presidents, and a trip to Cuba suggests he may outlive the Cold War as well as Obama re-thinks 50 years of failed sanctions

It is rather an odd feeling to be witnessing the closing chapter of the Cold War, as the United States admits the Castros have won, and it is time to move on… Well, almost.

Can Hillary Clinton salvage a credible US foreign policy from its self-serving history?