Tony Blair's spin mastery has worn out. The Chilcot inquiry may not have found him to be a liar, but it would be difficult to imagine his legacy as any but Bush's starry eyed poodle who became jointly responsible for the destruction of Iraq and the catastrophic  consequences we are all witnessing today.

Tony Blair just does not get it.

After the savaging he was dealt by the long awaited, 2.6 million word Chilcot inquiry, Blair spoke to the press for nearly two hours in order to make sure the world knew he did not lie and was in fact a victim himself, deeply sorry while standing by his actions to take Britain to an avoidable.

Three strategies to combat the Islamic State insurgency

I am in the camp that believes Iraq’s current situation is not intractable. With sufficient clarity, political will and coordination, its ethnosectarian strife can be put to an end. Here are some thoughts:

Redrawing borders: a functioning federalism

US to boost numbers in Iraq; South Korean President postpones visit to US due to MERS; China rejects calls to release Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo; suicide bomber attacks Luxor in Egypt; African countries set up free trade zone; and more

Iraq seeks more US support against Islamic state; China releases five women detained after campaigning against sexual harassment; UN to vote on Yemen arms embargo; Chile enacts civil union law; and more

Netanyahu speaks to US Congress; Australia boosts its forces in Iraq; Obama criticises China's proposed counterterrorism law; Boko Haram video shows two beheaded men; EU likely to fall short of climate targets; and more 


Netanyahu to Address U.S. Congress