Should membership of Kiwisaver be compulsory? Research on how humans behaviour, some of it thirty years old, points in that direction.

The current debate over the future of Kiwisaver is largely bereft of developments in economics over the last thirty or so years. Rather the frame has been an approach to human behaviour which we know does not reflect reality.


It's too soon to say whether Labour's onto a fiscal winner, but politically its given the party a circuit-breaker it desperately needed

On Saturday I wrote that this was a crucial week for Labour, one in which its leadership desperately needed to change the conversation and gain some traction in the media that was about New Zealand rather than itself. On that front, Labour's had its best few days in a long time.

At last, some major policy announcements. And not just any old BPAs, but arguably the biggest ones of all -- savings and wages. Two sides of the same indebted coin and at the heart of building a prosperous New Zealand

It's the day of the 'big policy announcements' (BPAs). The major parties at least must be confident of an All Blacks victory, as they both seem to have decided that we're capable of ignoring the rugby for a few minutes at least.

Paula Bennett axes $200,000 conference; KiwiSaver changes cost taxpayers; National fast-tracks First 100 Days legislation; Hanover investors agree to rescue package; parents warned about dangers of "co-sleeping"; Privy Council rejects Bain's request

New Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has axed a Families Commission "summit" planned for February because it was too expensive, reports the Herald. The $200,000 event for 150 people was to take place at Auckland's Waipuna Lodge.

49th parliament sworn in and urgent programme announced; KiwiSaver backdown by National; rescued climber reveals how he survived; two-parent families no longer the norm; and more

  • MPs of the 49th parliament were sworn in yesterday, with Prime Minister John Key confirming it would sit under urgency in the two weeks before Christmas.