Occupy Dunedin

The Occupy Dunedin camp has folded. Now a judge has told Auckland's version to do the same. So it goes.

The "Occupy Aotearoa" movement (if it ever really deserved such a grand title) looks to be dwindling away to nothing. Yesterday, the last few tents were taken down in Dunedin's Octagon, as the protest members decided to vacate the area to allow for unimpeded Christmas and New Years celebrations.

Dunedin's police will not be moving to evict the Occupy Dunedin protest. Good on Dunedin's police.

I don't often get things right. I thought the All Blacks would put 20 points or more on the French in the Rugby World Cup 2011 (TM) final. I predicted Alpha Plan would be the next U2 - and if you don't know who I mean, you weren't there, man.

The Dunedin City Council has tired of the Occupy Dunedin protest and wants it gone. So why is it still there?

The Occupy [Insert Place Name Here] protest movement has sparked a whole lot of head scratching "but what does it all mean?" analysis, without yet reaching any widely accepted conclusions.