peak oil

Fracking has changed the energy outlook, with major geopolitical implications 

About a decade ago, there was much concern about ‘peak oil’ – that the production of oil would peak and then fall off quickly leaving the world’s transport system stranded. The idea is really an extension of the two hundred year old insight of Thomas Malthus that the demand from an increasing population would exhaust food production with resulting starvation  because land was limited.

When global crude oil sources are ranked and graphed by size and production cost, lignite coal is among the biggest, the most expensive, and the last one on the list. Lignite and Solid Energy need peak oil; it’s a lifeline for them, not a threat

Solid Energy and the mining industry would like you to believe lignite will “cushion” ordinary New Zealanders against oil price shocks. There’s heady talk, of diesel fuel self-sufficiency, and a bit of mildly misleading talk, about “keeping prices at today’s level”.